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  • Create a shared workspace for your app development

    We know app development isn’t always a solitary experience. You might be collaborating with other programmers, engineers, testers, and even marketers as you build your QuickBooks® app integration and get it ready for customers. Did you know that you can create a shared workspace for your QuickBooks app integration? With a shared workspace, you can […]

  • Timeline Reminder: App assessment questionnaire due no later than July 31, 2022

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you acquired production keys for your QuickBooks integration prior to Feb. 14, 2022, this information applies to you. Earlier this year, we rolled out some additional requirements you must comply with before you can gain access to production keys and make your app integration available to QuickBooks® customers. You have probably seen […]

  • Top 10+ common Intuit Developer questions

    Do you have a development question? Are you curious about some terminology? Are you wondering where to start? We get a wide variety of questions from developers on our developer forums, through support tickets, and other interactions. Sometimes we hear the same questions over and over again. To help provide answers in a more easily […]

  • Building trust in your app: Top 5 software security activities

    For any company looking to improve the security of its software, it’s often difficult to know where to start or what to tackle next. What’s going to have the most impact? What are my peers in the industry doing? To answer these questions, we asked the experts at Synopsys to share some of their research […]

  • What's new in QuickBooks Online: March 2022

    To keep Intuit® Developers informed and educated, welcome to another article in an ongoing series where we cover new features and improvements in QuickBooks® Online. QuickBooks Business Network is almost here In a nutshell: The QuickBooks Business Network is a new service for QuickBooks Online customers to connect with the QuickBooks community. It is designed […]

  • What's new in QuickBooks Online: February 2022

    Welcome back to another article in our ongoing series spotlighting new features and improvements in QuickBooks Online. Valentine’s Day may be over, but the love we have for our customers lasts all year. Check out these updates and product enhancements that’ll last longer than flowers and chocolate—and will help you get more done this (short) […]

  • Updated process to get production keys

    Editor’s note: Lisa Rathjens, Shweta Kumar, and Judy Vander Sluis contributed to this blog post. Intuit® is committed to protecting our customers’ data. We periodically refresh our app compliance criteria to ensure an appropriate level of security and quality for any third-party app that uses our APIs. In August 2021, we refreshed the platform requirements […]

  • 3 ways Intuit helped me make my word accessible

    I am Pooja Shah, a software engineer at Intuit®, where I code and implement new features or improve existing features to solve the customer pain points in QuickBooks® Payroll. I enjoy developing software and helping peers in and across the teams with technical design and coding best practices. Since birth, I have been hearing impaired […]

  • What's new in QuickBooks Online: January 2022

    Welcome to another article in an ongoing series about new features and improvements in QuickBooks Online. 2022 is here and we are ready! We have lots of updates and product enhancements planned, but here are a few product improvements that can help you stay calm and work on. PandaDoc: Document customizing, e-sign and management tool […]

  • What’s new in QuickBooks Online: December 2021

    Welcome to another article in our ongoing series on new features and improvements in QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Cash is now QuickBooks Checking In a nutshell: QuickBooks Cash has a new name: QuickBooks Checking. The name change will start appearing throughout QuickBooks in mid-December. QuickBooks Checking is an all-in-one business bank account. The latest updates include: Digital […]