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  • Intuit Developer Case Study: Knowify

    Intuit Developer Case Study: Knowify Based in New York Employees 8 – 10 Specialists in Construction management tools Founded 2012 Published on QuickBooks App Store 2015 Our Story This is a story of how a start-up with just eight employees created an app that has helped hundreds of customers and counting. It’s also a story […]

  • Intuit Developer Case Study: shopVOX

    Intuit Developer Case Study: shopVOX Based in San Francisco Employees 11 – 50 Specialists in Custom manufacturing management software Founded 2009 Published on QuickBooks App Store in 2017 Our Story This is the story of an app that was originally designed to be an online proofing tool and how it evolved into the complete solution […]

  • New App Categories

    What is happening?  As it often does at Intuit, it started with customer feedback. Our QuickBooks customers and our accountants were finding the app category list overwhelming and duplicative. They told us they felt like it would take too long and be too much work to find the right app for them. So we went […]

  • We've hit 500 in the QuickBooks App Store!

    We’re really excited to announce that the QuickBooks App Store is now 500 <strong>! (And growing!) From expense tracking to invoicing – and everything in between – we now have 500 apps to extend the power of QuickBooks Online! Have you integrated with QuickBooks and haven’t yet published to the App Store? Join the fastest […]

  • Webhooks for QuickBooks Online API

    Webhooks for QuickBooks Online API

    Today we are happy to announce that we have added support for additional entities and “void” operation in Webhooks.

  • Announcing API Partners for Small Business Hackathon London

    Announcing API Partners for Small Business Hackathon London

    On March 4 through 5, developers and designers will converge on CodeNode in central London to compete for fame, £5000, and other great prizes by building new solutions for this grand challenge: create something that saves a small businesses time and money. What will you build?

  • .NET SDK v2.3 for QuickBooks Now Available

    We are excited to announce the availability of the .NET SDK v2.3 for QuickBooks. This version of the SDK includes the addition of several new entities, as well as bug fixes. Accounting – Capability to Email Invoice, Estimate, and SalesReceipt objects. The format of the email content is dependent on the user’s company settings.  – […]

  • QuickBooks API V3 – New Entities Released

    Today marks an exciting point in the development of the QuickBooks V3 API. The Intuit Partner Platform launched a new set of entities.  The use of the API is still restricted to Early Adopters and is on track for a public release later this year.   V3 Docs Months ago Intuit Partner Platform outlined a […]

  • QuickBooks API v3 Webinar Recording

    Thank you to the folks who joined us for yesterday’s webinar. Please find below the recording and slides. http://youtu.be/6sOhD0u7wPc Webinar slides If you have questions please refer your questions over to our Support channel.  

  • Upcoming Intuit App Center Updates

    With our next IPP release scheduled for December 18, we’re making a couple of exciting improvements to Intuit App Center. App Presentation Order The biggest change is that apps in App Center will no longer be presented in alphabetical order. We will be presenting apps based on a simple formula: number of reviews x star rating (to represent quality). This […]