Countdown is on: ONLY 2 months left to enter to win $100,000!

In early March, we announced the $100,000 Small Business App Showdown contest.  This is our second year and I can’t wait to see who our ten finalists will be this year!  BUT… Time is running out to enter the Small Business App Showdown.  If you enter, and are selected as a finalist, you’ll have the chance to pitch on stage at QuickBooks Connect San Jose, in front of an audience of accountants, small business owners, and a panel of judges!

  • Who is eligible?  Any app published on Apps.com between 8/16/16 and 8/15/17 is eligible to enter
  • How do you enter? Just fill out the (very!) short form to enter to win $100,000! That’s it!


AND… Just in case you need just a little bit of convincing, here are some more fun details:

Here are 10 things you could do with $100,000 (plus one more):

See what last year’s winner Nick Hoffman from Share a Refund had to say about winning the Small Business App Showdown!  Nick will be the first to tell you how much the $100,000 changed the course of his business allowing him to expand into new markets, and increase his customer base, and monthly revenues. 

Go back and live the excitement of the 2016 Small Business App Showdown!
We’re talking FREE Booth space at QuickBooks Connect San Jose; A chance to connect with thousands of small businesses, accountants, and other developers;  Confetti cannons; The winner being announced on stage in front of an audience of THOUSANDS by Intuit’s Founder, Scott Cook; Hotel accommodations for 2 for the duration of the conference; PRESS; Marketing; Social awareness; GLORY! OH – AND ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!

The Countdown is on! Will you be this year’s $100,000 Small Business App Showdown WINNER?!
Only way to make that possible is to publish your app on Apps.com BEFORE 8/15/17 and ENTER the Small Business App Showdown!


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