Intuit Developer Growth Program Spotlight: Knowify

The Knowify backstory

Marc and co-founder Dan de Roulet Jr. started Knowify in 2012. They were excited to introduce small and medium-sized contracting construction companies to business management technology that could help streamline and simplify what is often complex and frustrating administrative work. With Knowify, the co-founders say construction businesses can shift their attention from paperwork to serving their customers better.

“Knowify is a cloud-based construction project management software for trade contractors and remodelers with an industry-leading QuickBooks Online integration. The software provides a consistent project workflow–from first bid on a project through final invoice and payment–allowing everyone in the office and out in the field to work seamlessly on one platform.” Marc says.

He adds “This workflow, along with a bi-directional QuickBooks sync, means that contractors can see and take action on all the variables influencing a project’s timeline and profitability.”

Marc explains, “Historically, understanding project costs and profitability has been unnecessarily difficult for small and mid-sized trade contractors. The software options available to them often meant extra data entry for teams in the field and for accountants and bookkeepers in the office. Knowify connects everyone in the project and has extremely user-friendly tools with built-in automation to ensure everyone can focus on the project at hand.”

Since 2016, Knowify has been an integral part of our operations. Witnessing its growth and constant improvements has been impressive. The platform seamlessly handles client info, time tracking, project and service management, dispatch, invoicing, and more. Knowify’s user-friendly interface and continuous updates keep it ahead of the curve. It’s a comprehensive solution that adapts to our evolving needs, making it an indispensable tool for any trades business. In short, Knowify is highly recommended for its versatility, intuitive design, and commitment to staying at the forefront of CRM and construction project management solutions.

Knowify gains key benefits after joining the Developer Growth Program

“The opportunity to strengthen what’s already an industry-leading integration with QuickBooks Online is very exciting,” he says.

As to the benefits he’s seen so far, he says, “Understanding in more detail how new QuickBooks users discover apps on the apps.com marketplace has been an interesting part of the program.” He also says the Knowify team has taken advantage of the Intuit Marketing Portal assets. “The sales enablement assets in the Marketing Portal ensure our team is always up to date on the most granular features and specifications for every QuickBooks product.”

In addition, Developer Growth Program participants have access to an expert accountant panel. According to Marc, this access has assured his team that Knowify is providing accountants in the construction industry with the information they need to succeed.

“Having an expert accountant panel validate what we’ve heard from the accounting community for years is very satisfying,” he says. “Knowify gives accountants data about their construction clients that’s otherwise difficult to get. Alongside QuickBooks Online, it creates a single source of truth for accountants and clients, so they can focus on maintaining and growing the business.”

Developer Growth Program helps Knowify grow and improve

Knowify’s participation in the Developer Growth Program is ongoing and Marc feels it is—and will continue to be—an invaluable resource he and his team can use to benefit Knowify’s end users.

“The Developer Growth Program is helpful for a company like ours because Intuit’s insights on the user experience, go-to-market strategy, and engineering help to strengthen our integration.” Marc adds, “Knowify integrates exclusively with QuickBooks–we don’t integrate with any other accounting software–and we believe that QuickBooks Online is the perfect solution for contractors when paired with Knowify.”

Marc notes that the deep insights into how users find Knowify in the app marketplace will benefit both his business and his potential customers. “Being able to further streamline the process, from the first discovery of Knowify to being signed up for a free trial of our software to becoming fully integrated with an active QuickBooks online account, will provide an even better experience for new users.”

Better user experiences result in business growth and, at Intuit, growing businesses and powering prosperity around the world is our mission. That’s why we created the Developer Growth Program and why we’re excited to watch program participants like Knowify take their business to the next level using the insights and knowledge they gleaned from the program.