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  • Startups and the Cloud – Video 1 (of 5): Welcome

    The choices startup Software as a Service (SaaS) providers have in this new age of “Cloud Computing” can be overwhelming, confusing and risky. In June Intuit hosted the "Startups and the Cloud" event bringing together industry experts and successful SaaS startups to discuss a range of issues startups must consider to build a successful business […]

  • Got IPP Code Samples?

    Where have all our code samples been? Up until now we weren't keeping all of our code samples in one place. (What were we thinking?) Well, we finally added a code sample section on the IPP Dev Center website. Our new code samples page has Flex, Intuit Data Service, and Federated app code samples, plus […]

  • New IPP Data API: Intuit Data Services

    Last week the Intuit Partner Platform team released V2.0 of IPP which includes a number of enhancements to improve the overall Intuit Workplace customer experience and additional functionality to provide more access to QuickBooks data for IPP applications developers. New Data API – “Intuit Data Services” The Intuit Data Services API (IDS) is live and […]

  • Moving to the Eclipse Public License

    A few days ago I blogged that we will "most likely" be moving to the Eclipse Public License as our preferred license on code.intuit.com. The "most likely" disclaimer is being removed. We will be moving to the EPL. Our lawyer is back from vacation and earlier today we got together with some folks in the […]

  • CPL, EPL and License Proliferation

    Hi… I'm Robert Larson, coder and community manager for the new code.intuit.com  - yeah…I'm the guy you see in that video 🙂 When we started getting serious about sponsoring an open source community on code.intuit.com, one very critical decision was which license to use. Although we've generally had very positive feedback and interest with the […]

  • Announcing code.intuit.com – IPP Open Source Community

    This morning we are announcing a new open source community for developers interested in creating connected online applications for small businesses. The community, at code.intuit.com, lets developers work with Intuit and each other to build better Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that solve important small business problems via the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP). Context A few weeks […]

  • Federated Applications: Generating your x.509 certificate in Java, OpenSSL or .Net

    Are you ready to create a Federated Application on the Intuit Partner Platform? Need help generating your x.509 certificate for testing? Coding in Java or .Net? Here's how… You need to provide Intuit with your public key if you wish to Federate your application, here are the instructions for generating those x.509 certificates. Keep in mind these […]

  • 10 Great Things I Heard at the Startups and the Cloud event

    Last Thursday Intuit hosted an event titled Startups and the Cloud focused on the changing nature of starting and succeeding at building a technology business given all of the new tools and platforms that are available. I was honored to host such an awesome event with 200+ people packed into Bentley’s Adamian Hall. It was […]

  • Federated Applications on Intuit Partner Platform

    Today, we are pleased to announce the release of “Federated Applications” on the Intuit Partner Platform. It’s been a blast to work with our Rock-Star team to deliver this and I want to personally welcome our five new developers, VerticalResponse, DimDim, Rypple, Setster, and ExpenseWare, that have gone through federation already.  It’s always scary going first, […]

  • Startups and the Cloud: free event in Waltham, MA, sponsored by Intuit – Register now!

    From the App Gap blog: "On June 11th we’re organizing a gathering in Waltham, MA called Startups and the Cloud to talk about how starting a successful software business has changed now that cloud computing/ platforms have become highly viable, and in some cases, essential components of a startup’s strategy. We’re keeping it compact at […]